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How One Step of Faith Changed Everything

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

One of my favorite things to do is spend quality time with a good friend on a long hike sharing stories that create connection. Stories define where we've been and where we're going, and reveal the fingerprints of God through it all. Today, I wanted to share the heart and purpose behind Thuro Design and how a step of faith eventually led me to start my own business.

Back to the Beginning

As a little girl, I always wanted to be an artist when I grew up, and that desire never went away. I loved to create for hours and would draw on the kitchen tables with Dad's shaving cream (did anyone else do that?) Jump up to fifth grade, and I remember having a little 'business' where I would draw my classmate’s names in different fonts (bubble letters was our biggest request.)

My creative journey continued into high school where I had a lot of freedom to experiment, but I didn't have any direction in what I exactly wanted to do with it. As senior year was approaching, my mom took me to visit a professional graphic designer. I showed him my 'portfolio' of random mixed media creations, overly edited photos, and half baked sketches, and he told me that I should probably stick to a different profession. However, I was determined.

Moving onto college, I wanted to pursue my dream of running my own photography business, without having any idea of what graphic design really was. I thought that selling paintings at an art museum was all I could do with a creative career.

After taking a typography class, I rediscovered my love for letters and realized that graphic design was a much better fit for me, so I switched majors and took all of the art classes I could get my hands on.

After my first time out of the country to the Philippines in 2013, everything changed, because Jesus changed me. For the first time in my life, I saw spiritual and physical need like never before, and I resolved in my heart that I was going to be apart of the change I wanted to see.

With a brand new graphic design degree, I was faced with two amazing opportunities. I could either serve in Budapest, Hungary with an anti-human trafficking ministry, or I could take a full-time design position at DaySpring Cards. I could either trust that God would provide for my needs or choose to stay in the security of a steady income.

Step of Faith No. 1

Over my experience, I've learned that taking a step of faith doesn't always make sense to the rest of the world, but when we do, it marks our lives in countless ways. I ended up volunteering my time in Budapest, Hungary to design print material promoting freedom and hope to women enslaved in human trafficking.

After that summer, my job at DaySpring was graciously reserved, so I would have a job when I came back. After working there for a while, I transitioned to work at Adair Creative. Getting agency experience allowed me to learn how to work with a variety of clients, and I got to develop my craft in branding while collaborating within a creative team.

I loved where I lived and worked. I felt comfortable. I had a thriving community, a great working environment, and a steady income. However, almost every year, I found myself on another short-term mission trip. In 2016, I got the opportunity to serve in India and realized that this passion that God had put on my heart was eventually becoming a calling.

Step of Faith No. 2

Two years later, I knew that God was calling me to overseas missions, but there was a lot of unknowns. Where would I live? How would I make an income? What would happen next? I was feeling a mix of wild excitement with hesitant fear as I considered doing a six month mission trip.

As crazy as leaving behind a full-time job and a great community sounded, I knew that this step of faith was going to help others and give glory to God. After lots of prayer and tears and battling back and forth, God was with me through it all, and giving me confidence that this opportunity was His yes.

For the past year and a half, it’s been an absolute privilege and blessing to share the hope and love of God in fourteen different countries. I've learned so much about growing my relationship with Jesus the joy of getting to invite others into freedom through Christ.

I'm beginning to see God's pattern of design + ministry woven throughout my life to bring freedom, hope, and beauty to the world around me.

Step of Faith No.3

Coming back to the States, I recognized endless potential with starting my own freelance design business. I loved the idea in how I could steward my craft while being able to serve Jesus more freely. Similar to Paul in the Bible creating tents to support his ministry, Thuro Design models business as missions. After updating my portfolio and branding my business, Thuro Design was officially launched July, 2019.

My aim is to partner with world-changing entrepreneurs to establish beauty + integrity through their businesses.

My dream someday is to continue to see creativity and ministry working together to provide job opportunities for victims of human trafficking. When I see the reality of injustice all over the world, I ask myself, 'How can we be apart of eternal transformation in others by stewarding our God-given gifts to help those in need?'

Here’s to a lifetime of answering that question by small yesses, humble beginnings, and a willing heart. I’m learning that slow progress is still progress, and that every step of faith is building onto the next.

Until the Next Chapter

I can't thank you enough for following along, and I’d love to hear your ideas + passions. What are some challenges that you’re facing to start a business, write a book, take a step of faith? My passion is to see yours fulfilled. Let's dream, and go for it together.